Sperry Van Ness A Distressed Asset Sales Force To Watch
By Pat Blount

If you are fortunate you get to be involved in the development of a cutting edge business idea once in your life. If you are really lucky you get to do so during a paradigm shift in that industry. So call me Mr. Lucky.

I had the opportunity to spend two days last week speaking to and getting to know almost 200 of the 900+ real estate professionals associated with Sperry Van Ness Commercial Real Estate Advisors. This lucky break for me began last fall when I entered into an alliance with the 65 member Sperry Van Ness Asset Recovery Team. The concept for the alliance sounded quite simple; I would offer SVN Asset Recovery Team members loan sale advisory capabilities via my company Benewolf and they in turn would afford Benewolf the ability to sell fee simple REO properties across the United States through independently owned Sperry Van Ness offices. read more