Baby Cakes Truck” by orijinal is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

“Why Pop-Up Restaurants On Wheels Could Be A Boon To The Retail Sector

April 26, 2018 Lara O’Keefe, Bisnow National

As competition heats up in the restaurant business making it more difficult for food-loving entrepreneurs to thrive in the industry, food trucks are offering a viable alternative. Unsplash/Alvaro Reyes Low barriers to entry and high consumer demand, particularly in dense areas such as New York City and Portland, where foot and bike traffic are high, have proven to be a boon for these restaurants on wheels, and the retail sector as a whole in the U.S. “There’s certainly been some evolution and I think that evolution has been happening across pop-ups in general. I always refer to food trucks as the restaurant pop-ups. So what’s happened is the institutionalization of pop-ups. They started out as these cool rogue startup ventures, but they’ve really been adopted more by these mall players, restaurants and REITs, and brands are starting to incorporate them into their offering,” CBRE Head of Retail Research Melina Cordero said.”

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